Meet Luz and Luna 


It’s not every day you meet a mother and daughter ready to take on the world of cannabis and sexual wellness... 

For over 25 years, award-winning intimate cosmetics manufacturer and designer, Luz de la Riva has built an outstanding career of creating superior intimacy products that are trusted and admired by women and couples worldwide. 


Now with her daughter Luna by her side, their passion is to combine their shared love for cannabis, beauty, and sensuality to create exceptional intimacy products that bring joy and elegance into people's lives and inspire intimate moments that lead to meaningful, lasting relationships.

Our Philosophy: State of Everyday Sexy

At LDLR we have coined a phrase you will hear us use a lot: “Everyday Sexy.” It rolls right off the tongue right? To put it simply, it’s a state of being that brings your thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being into harmony. Feeling great in your body, in your environment, and with the one you love is a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s sexy, and it comes from within and radiates outward.


When you say the word “sexy” most people think of a particular style of dress or pose (latex and duck lips anyone?), but Everyday Sexy is about so much more. At LDLR, we believe all women should explore their sexuality all day, every day without shame or regret. Sexuality is more than just something you turn on when you climb into bed with a lover; it’s a constant flame within you that thrives on intimacy, communication, passion, beauty, and love. Your sexuality is electrifying in the heat of passion, it’s rejuvenating when you reach new depths of intimacy, and it is emboldening when you dare to be your gorgeous unique self.

Read more about Everyday Sexy here.

The Marriage of Cannabis and Intimacy 

With our exclusive collection of intimate cannabis cosmeceuticals and flowers, we are committed to redefining sexuality through safe and superior quality THC and CBD intimacy products that open communication between couples and promote lasting relationships. Not only do the healing properties of THC and CBD (extracted from cannabis) revitalize and nourish the skin, but cannabis has a well-deserved reputation as an aphrodisiac that can help transform your relationships and make you feel sexy from the bedroom to the boardroom.


The THC’s impact on brain chemistry elevates the senses, lowers inhibitions, and invites a deeper connection, while the comfort of CBD can make you feel more comfortable and at ease in your body. So is your libido ready to come out and play? Try our Everyday Sexy rituals and revel in your discoveries: adorn yourself with a decadent edible THC massage oil, arouse your desire with delicious rose almond love pastilles, luxuriate in a full-body pampering session with a luxurious cannabis-infused massage candle.

Our Pillars & Values


VISION: As women who’ve worked in both the cannabis and adult industries, we are keenly aware of their respective stigmas – cannabis as the province of hippie stoners, and adult products as the playthings of porn stars or eccentric billionaires. We are excited to move the conversation to a higher plane (so to speak), encouraging you to explore and experiment as a way of enhancing your sex lives and deepening intimacy. We will help you navigate your questions about the our products, overcome embarrassment, and find answers to all of your sex and cannabis questions. 

COURAGE: We talk about sex and intimacy with frankness and candor because we believe that accurate information leads to better decision-making, which then leads to better sex, and sets you right up for our Everyday Sexy philosophy.


QUALITY:  Our passion is to source the finest ingredients and materials from around the world and we only use the highest quality body-friendly ingredients in our product line. We never use any harsh or toxic chemicals/ingredients, including but not limited to: parabens, phthalates, and artificial dyes. Our cannabis comes from the finest terrains in California (Oakland, Humboldt County, Mendocino, and the Santa Cruz mountains) from the most seasoned cultivators in the region.


INTEGRITY: We are truthful about what our products will do for you and will never overstate their claims. We do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases however if happiness is a cure, you tell us.