Redefining Sexuality Through the Cannabis Experience

At the House of LDLR, we believe sexuality is more than just something you turn on when you climb into bed with a lover. It’s the living, breathing joyful force within you that thrives on self-love, intimacy, passion, and beauty. Your sexuality is electrifying in the heat of passion, it’s rejuvenating when you reach new depths of intimacy, and it’s emboldening when you dare to be your gorgeous unique self. We know living it and saying it are not always the same thing, so we've got something to make it all easier. Introducing, Everyday Sexy Intimate Cannabis Cosmeceuticals. 


Whether it's enjoying a long, CBD-infused bath with your partner or taking a moment to enjoy some phenomenal hybrid flower in the garden, we believe the key to sexiness is feeling good in your body and connecting with yourself and your loved ones. In other words, living, being #EverydaySexy.

Luz de la Riva

Founder and CEO

Innovative, colorful, and unfailingly sophisticated, Luz de la Riva lives and breathes her mission every day: to redefine sensuality and re-energize a woman’s love for herself. As a single mother of three, Luz has always valued safety, education, and communication. With over 25+ years of experience in the adult industry and a lifetime relationship with cannabis, she is passionate about promoting safe sex and responsible cannabis use. Luz’s prior product line was one of the first adult brands to be carried by Nordstrom’s US and Canada. In putting forth products that transport a woman’s sexiness from the bedroom to the conference room to the gym, Luz embodies her mantra of “everyday sexy.”

Who is the Everyday Sexy woman? 

The Everyday Sexy woman is a confident and happy woman. A woman who is not afraid of the "Big Guy", whatever shape or form it comes in. She is sophisticated, intelligent, and at the forefront of her world stage. 


What is the secret to sexiness? 

Self-confidence. That is the ultimate key to sexiness. 

What is one of your favorite things about cannabis? 

I love the immediate therapeutic effect. Smoking cannabis can immediately alleviate nausea, while topical CBD can quickly sooth the pain of swelling. 

Luna de la Riva


Imagine a stylish, in-the-know, twinkle-in-the-eye best friend who can talk candidly about intimacy or cannabis—that’s Luna. She shares her mother's passion for LDLR’s mission and with a background in the family cosmetics business and a liberal arts degree, she brings a unique versatility and expressiveness to the company. Luna's equally at home talking style, systems, strains, or sexuality. Her dream for all LDLR customers is that they experience their sexuality as a rich tapestry woven with the colorful strands of self-love, emotion, connection, and ritual.

Who is the Everyday Sexy woman? 

A captivating and authentic woman. She exude a unique and inspiring spirit that was only gifted to her. (It's you). 

What is the secret to sexiness? 

The secret to sexiness is knowing yourself. And Mami, our ladies pleasure pre-rolls and condoms sets.

What do you love most about cannabis? 

I love the way cannabis opens you up, lowers your inhibitions, and brings people together. 


As women who’ve worked in both the cannabis and adult industries, we are keenly aware of their respective stigmas – cannabis as the province of hippie stoners, and adult products as the playthings of porn stars or eccentric billionaires. Through quality, service, integrity, and education, we strive to create exceptional THC and CBD body products that destigmatize cannabis and redefine sexuality.


We only use superior, certified organic ingredients and Northern California's finest, organically grown, lab-tested cannabis to create our line of products. All of our products are gentle for all skin types and completely free of parabens, pesticides, phthalates, and GMOs. 


We strive to provide the most excellent products and satisfying experiences for our customers. We will help you navigate your questions about the products and find answers to your cannabis and sex questions.


We believe that accurate information leads to better decision-making, better sex, and happier relationships. To ensure quality, safety, and satisfaction for our customers at home, we provide our distribution and retail partners with educational staff training on how to use our products and safely incorporate cannabis into your sexual wellness regimen.


We are truthful about what our products will do for you and will reference science where it exists; but we will never claim to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any diseases. However, if happiness is a cure, then you will decide.

Let's stay together. 

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