Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a cannabis cosmeceutical?

We combine high quality cosmetic ingredients with medicinal cannabis, all designed to enhance sexuality. Our line range of products includes a personal lubricant that is safe to use with condoms, intimate moisturizers that also alleviate pain, edible topicals you can kiss off each other’s body to enhance your senses,  and massage candles and oils that rejuvenate the skin while also feeling erotic, and luxury his & hers pre-rolls and condoms sets. 

What does Everyday Sexy mean?

Living a life rich in beauty, generosity and passion. Daring to explore the depths of intimacy with others. Loving yourself inside and out. Rolling it all up into a state of mind we call Everyday Sexy.


Where does your cannabis come from? Is it organic?

Our cannabis is sun-grown and pesticide free, hand-picked selected by seasoned farmers from the finest cannabis farms in Humboldt County.

Are your body products organic? Will I have an allergic reaction to anything?

Our intimate cosmeceuticals are made with all-natural, certified organic ingredients, are completely free of any harmful ingredients like parabens, glycerin, or sulfates - ingredients found in many body products that can cause an allergic reaction or yeast infection.

Why do some products have gold in them? Is it safe?

We infuse put authentic 24 karat k gold flakes in a some of our body products so you’ll radiate good health! Gold is a pure, rare element whose antioxidants influence vitality and rejuvenation, and it has been used for centuries in health and wellness treatments. Plus, you’lYou will l look and feel divine. And yes, it’s completely safe to wear or consume.

Is your cannabis lube safe to use with condoms?

Yes, Gloria, our water-based lubricant infused made with the essence of cannabis, is completely safe to use with condoms and other latex products. At LDLR, we have worked on promoting safe and responsible sex for over 30 years and we are alarmed by the number of cannabis-infused oils that call themselves personal lubricants. While oil does lubricate, oil is completely incompatible with latex and will break down condoms, diaphragms, and other safe sex products. Also, oils don’t wash easily out of the body and can become a breeding ground for yeast infections. Please choose a water-based lubricant and leaves the oils for topical and edibles.

Can I use your oils as personal lubricant?

No, our body oils are for topical use only. We do not recommend using oils as lubricants as oil can be difficult to wash out of the body, making you prone to yeast infections. Do non’t use oils with latex as oils will degrade the condoms and render them ineffective.

Can I drive after using your products?

If you are eating or smoking a THC product, do not drive. Our CBD topicals are not psychoactive, so you may drive after using them. Please use cannabis responsibly. Do not  drive while under the influence of cannabis, pay attention to your partner’s experience, and start with small doses if you are new to cannabis.

What is the right dosage if I’m new to cannabis?

Every body is different, there is no uniform dosage that will have the exact same effect on everyone. With an edible, we suggest you start small and take the lowest recommended amount, then wait thirty minutes to an hour before trying more. 

Does cannabis lead to better sex?

The question of whether cannabis can lead to better sex is met with warnings by physicians or scientists that marijuana impairs desire or performance. This does happen, but ask regular cannabis consumers why that is and they’ll tell you it’s often just a matter of dosage—if you’re too high, well, the game is off. But taken in the right amount for your body (and this will be different for everyone; if you are new to cannabis start small), it might just put you in the mood for sex. And there are studies starting to show that: a Stanford University School of Medicine study of more than 50,000 Americans aged 25-45 found that cannabis users have sex 20% more frequently than non-cannabis users. A 2016 study published in Pharmacological Research found that 70% of cannabis users experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction,” and over 50% found it worked as an aphrodisiac. So how does cannabis improve your sexual wellness?


In a nutshell, cannabis can make sex a little easier, a little rosier, and a lot more fun. [read more][as2] 


How will cannabis products help my sex life?

People routinely put their sexuality on the back burner for all kinds of reasons: fatigue, pain, boredom, embarrassment, to name a few. But we forget sexuality is a life-force that is simmering away all the time--it’s not just about hopping into bed to have sex--but how you feel in your body, your mind, and your relationships. Cannabis can help with all of those things, it can relieve pain so you are comfortable in your body, it can work as an aphrodisiac so you feel desire, and it can open you up to deeper connections to a partner by lowering some of your inhibitions.


Is cannabis an aphrodisiac?

Cannabis’ reputation as an aphrodisiac stems from the THC’s impact on brain chemistry, which in turn s elevates the senses, lowers inhibitions, and invites deeper connection. Appropriate dosage is key, as too much can kill the mood.