LDLR featured on 7X7's "Shop women-owned cannabis brands on Eaze"

Originally posted by 7x7 on 2/28/2020 - See article here.

For a long time, the stereotype of a cannabis user was the stoner dude: a guy, chilling on his couch, listening to some reggae, crushing a video game or watching Broken Lizzard's latest cinematic masterpiece. But times are changing. Women are one of the fastest growing demographic of cannabis consumers, according to a study conducted by Eaze. In their 2019 State of Cannabis Report, the largest cannabis delivery platform reported a massive uptick in female consumers: Women comprised 40 percent of their user base in 2019, compared to 25 percent in 2015. Until recently, the cannabis industry struggled to reflect the rise of female consumers and entrepreneurs, but today women in the cannabis industry are changing the way brands, marketing, and products align with the needs and wants of female consumers. For all these reasons, last year Eaze launched a menu of women-owned cannabis brands including such popular labels as Leune and Besito. "Everyone knows women are under-represented in the industry, especially women of color," says Elizabeth Ashford, Eaze's senior communications director. "As a company, we don't shy away from acknowledging this or from taking practical and intentional steps to address it."

In 2019, Eaze launched Momentum, an accelerator designed to support and empower underrepresented founders in cannabis like Raeven Duckett, founder of Community Gardens in Oakland, and Luz and Luna De La Riva, founders of LDLR, a line of cannabis products for the bedroom.

"We promote female-owned brands, we focus on recruiting women to Momentum, and we elevate women internally," Ashford says. Eaze recently announced the promotion of Megan Miller to chief operating officer.

"The gender gap won't get fixed overnight, but it can be addressed in a real way by practical actions, and we're working to model that," says Ashford. In the meantime, consumers are invited to vote with their dollar: Whether you go for transdermal patches from Mary's Medicinals, bath soaks from Om Edibles, or infused drinks from Kikoko, you can make a conscious choice to support women in cannabis.

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