America, Give Yourself a (Clean) Hand

What do you do when a global health crisis meets a burgeoning cannabis sexual wellness company? You make a moisturizing hand-sanitizer, call it America, and give it out for free. Says LDLR co-founder Luna de la Riva, “As the impact of COVID-19 became more severe around the world, we recognized the need to create a safe antibacterial hand-sanitizer that not only disinfects but also protects.” Converting its existing operation to produce hand sanitizer wasn’t too difficult, as LDLR is already set up to manufacture oils and lotions as part of its cannabis cosmeceutical line. “In just a matter of days, we were able to donate over 700 non-medicated hand sanitizers to our partner Eaze to distribute to their Oakland customers at no cost. As a manufacturer and an essential business, we felt it was important for us to step up to the plate and contribute in any way could,” says Luna. Because of the shortage of hand-sanitizers and protective products right now, staff and customers were extremely grateful for the donation. Necessity: Mother of Invention One of the silver linings of LDLR’s foray into the hand sanitizer market is the invention of a “moisturizing hand sanitizer.” Because of the high alcohol content, most hand sanitizers quickly dry out the skin due to such frequent use. America balances out the dryness with rich essentials oils and moisturizers such as CBD, Baobab, and Jojoba, that nourish and regenerate the skin. According to Luna, “From the first use, your hands look and feel like they have just received the best manicure ever.” If you’re curious how the product got it’s name, Luna explained, “We decided to call it America as a tribute to what we are experiencing right now and the importance of courage and community during a crisis.” Given that no vaccine is anticipated for at least a year, good hygiene will be imperative to keep the virus from spreading. As a result, LDLR plans to make America part of its regular line, with plans to release a 100ml bottle with CBD by Mother’s Day. Until then, if you are an Eaze customer in Oakland, you may still be able to get your hands on a travel-size America with your delivery order. When COVID hit the United States in March, LDLR was poised to release its first cannabis product, Besitos, a love pastille, but quickly pivoted to help a community in need. “Health and wellness are at the heart of our mission at LDLR” says Luna, “so this was the right path for us to help protect our local community.”

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