Ask anyone who’s ever had sex while high what it’s like and you’ll most likely get tales of sensations so great their body felt electrified, of orgasms so powerful they saw stars, or of laughing so hard they felt lighter and more in love with their partner. So how exactly does cannabis can make sex better?

The question of whether weed can lead to better sex is met with warnings by physicians or scientists that marijuana impairs desire or performance. This does happen, but ask regular cannabis consumers why that is and they’ll tell you it’s often just a matter of dosage—if you’re too high, well, the game is off. But taken in the right amount for your body (and this will be different for everyone; if you are new to cannabis start small), it might just put you in the mood for sex. And there are studies starting to show that: a Stanford University School of Medicine study of more than 50,000 Americans aged 25-45 found that cannabis users have sex 20% more frequently than non-cannabis users. A 2016 study published in Pharmacological Research found that 70% of cannabis users experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction,” and over 50% found it worked as an aphrodisiac.

So how does cannabis improve your sexual wellness? In a nutshell, cannabis can make sex a little easier, a little rosier, and a lot more fun.


Whether you just want to enjoy a bit of self-love or you’re connecting with your lover, the THC in cannabis can help get you in a sexy mood. You want to be a little high, so start with a low dose of THC. The THC increases dopamine in the brain, which gives you a feeling of euphoria—a wonderful feeling when you are sexual. Even if you don’t want to get high, the CBD in cannabis or hemp can help reduce anxiety and pain, which will leave your body more receptive to pleasure.


That dopamine hit you’ll enjoy from cannabis also has another pleasant side effect: it lowers our inhibitions. This can be great for your sex life in several ways: it can give you the extra push you need to ask for what you want sexually—whether it’s asking to kiss someone, or to be touched in a certain way. Instead of waiting passively for someone to fulfill all your sexual needs, you take matters into your own hands. As a result, you learn more about your sexuality, you gain greater self-confidence and expertise, and you’re more likely to have satisfying sexual encounters in the future.


Cannabis enhances your senses, and HOUSE OF LDLR’s intimate cannabis cosmeceuticals help you mine the erotic depths of this affect. That back caress may feel even better when it’s given with a warm body oil, that kiss may resonate even more deeply if you’ve just kissed flavored oil off her body, and the clean scent of Kim’s Cannabis Body Butter might lead you to develop a pavlovian response to your lover’s beauty rituals.


If you spend too much time in your head during sex (do these sound familiar, “am I doing it right?”, “will she ever come?” “will he call me tomorrow?”, “did I leave something on the stove?!”), you might find that cannabis keeps you more grounded in your body so you can enjoy yourself in the moment.


And guess what happens when you’re grounded in your body? You open yourself up to pleasure, an abundance of pleasure. So even if you are someone who has very specific sexual needs, maybe a certain stroke to masturbate, a particular position to orgasm, or a just-so lick during oral sex, you may find that you’re sense of adventure expands and you start discovering new ways to enjoy yourself. Think of cannabis as adding more entrees to an ever-expanding sexual buffet. Break out Gloria Personal Lube and go searching for your G Spot or prostate, or try the BJ gentleman’s ring to prolong your erection while enjoying a blow job.


So you’re feeling good in your body, you’re trying new things, and you’ve brought a new sense of adventure and play to your love life, congratulations! These are all fuel for your sexuality and they keep you connected to your partner, so you can navigate the stormy seas of everyday life. You’ll also discover that your definition of sex is expanding, from that elusive magic O you thought you needed to count every coupling as successful, to a wide range of sensual activities you can revel in just because they bring you close together in whatever time you have together. A tiny dab of kissable oil licked off your partner’s ear while you are cooking together is just as important as an hour in the sack together.

A note: Every body is different so when trying cannabis there is no uniform dosage. If you are new to cannabis and ingesting a product with THC, please take the lowest recommended dose and wait 30 minutes to an hour before trying anymore. Always talk to your partner so they know how you’re feeling, and if they choose not to try a cannabis product, respect that choice. If you are using the product topically (i.e. not ingesting it) it will not be psychoactive.