Conscious Consumption: 100+ Latinx Business Owners in the Industry to Support Right Now

Originally published by Melissa Hutsell for Emerald Magazine on 7/14/2020. See original article here.

The War on Drugs is used as a tool to disproportionately criminalize and systematically disclude Black and Brown communities from the same opportunities as white Americans.

In fact, The Drug Policy Alliance reports that, “50% of federal drug cases are brought against people classified as Hispanic, even though this group makes up just 17% of the U.S. population.

However, neither the federal government nor individual states (with the exception of a few) collect data on how many Latinos are put in prison, or put on probation or parole, reports the Urban Institute. 

The Drug Policy Alliance finds that, “in New York City, […] we know that Latinos are arrested at nearly four four times the rate of whites for marijuana, even though Latinos and whites use marijuana at comparable rates.

Furthermore, cannabis possession is the fourth most common cause of deportation for any offense, adds the Alliance. “Minor drug possession charges can also lead to inadmissibility from entering the U.S. for noncitizen residents – meaning that, even if a minor offense doesn’t lead to jail or deportation, it can prevent a legal permanent resident from ever leaving and returning to the U.S.

Without national data, however, “we do not have a full picture of how the selective enforcement of marijuana laws impacts all communities of color,” finds the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). 

“[…] Most Latino arrests were likely counted as “white” arrests, meaning that the white arrest rate was artificially inflated. If Latinos also have a higher arrest rate than whites (which we suspect they often do), the disparity between Black and white arrest rates would likely have been even larger.” —Drug Policy Alliance

While the War on Drugs continues to inflict irrevocable harm on communities of color— legalization further deters Latinx entrepreneurs from entering the multi-billion dollar industry.

That’s why it is important now more than ever to become conscious cannabis consumers. This list of 100+ Latinx-owned cannabis businesses is the perfect place to start. 

100+ Hispanic and Latinx-Owned Cannabis Businesses

This is an on-going list. The Emerald will continue to update it. Please reach out or comment below to be included. For a list of Black-owned cannabis companies, click here.

Retail/Store Fronts

  • Cannassense Medical Cannabis Dispensary (San Juan, Puerto Rico) is a medical dispensary—founded by Janet Ubiñas, doctor in clinical psychology—on a mission to educate anyone interested in medical cannabis. 

  • Sativa Care (Mexico City, Mexico) is one of the first cannabis clinics in Mexico, founded by José Lugardo Espejel. The company offers consultations, and treatment plans for those with chronic or degenerative conditions, such as epilepsy, cancer, anxiety, pain, Parkinson’s disease and more.  

  • Bwell Healing Center (San Juan, Puerto Rico) is a network of medical dispensaries in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The company, which opened in 2017, offers education and medical card services, and products ranging from flower, to edibles, vapes, pre-rolls and more. Co-founded by Federico Hernández Picó. 

  • La Mota (Oregon) is a series of 22 recreational and medical cannabis shops throughout Oregon. The company carries more than 50 different lab tested strains. Co-founded by Rosa Cazares and Aaron Mitchell.

  • Bloom Wellness NJ (Blackwood, N.J.) is a soon-to-be medical cannabis dispensary and wellness center, founded by Cindy Ortiz, and William and Matthew Sirois. The group entered the cannabis industry after Ortiz, “used cannabis to help with the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatments,” according to the company’s website.

  • Dr. Greenthumb (L.A. and Sacramento) is a series of medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries, co-founded by B-Real of the hip-hop group, Cypress Hill. The shops carry a variety of cannabis products, from flower to edibles and everything in between.

  • Cornerstone Wellness (L.A.) is a retail medical and recreational shop—and the first evidence-based medical dispensary in the state to track patients’ response to treatments. Co-founded in 2007 by Erica Kay and Carlos De La Torre, also founders of TrūFlora (see brands). Cornerstone Wellness consultants are bi-lingual and well-versed in different cannabinoid therapies.

  • Klover Dispensary (San Diego, Calif.) was founded by George Phillip Diaz. The shop, which offers a variety of California-grown cannabis products, is decorated with murals and artwork from local artists, and includes a space for events and exhibits.


  • LIV Collective (Southern California), formerly known as Can I Live, Inc. is a brand that includes a collective, a tea line, topicals, a delivery service, and more. Co-founded by Afro-Latina entrepreneur Aja Fonseca-Arnold and her husband Vince Arnold. 

  • Bolivar Hemp Co. (Denver) is a hemp-lifestyle brand, founded by hemp activist, Larisa Bolivar, in 2018. Bolivar Hemp specializes in all natural products with high-quality ingredients. Products include lotions, massage balms, scrubs and creams.

  • The Stock Up Events (New York and New Jersey) curates inclusive 420 themed events. Founded in 2018 by Afro-Latina artist, Lisa Chabrier, who also founded Visine Queen, and The Jane Doe Co.

  • The Jane Doe Co. (NYC) is a Latinx outreach platform that provides cannabis-related information strictly in Spanish, and offers translation services for Spanish speaking persons, founder Lisa Chabrier, told the Emerald

  • BreadxButta (Brooklyn, N. Y.) is an art, education and wellness brand that offers consultations, a concept studio, and a line of topicals created to be, “reminiscent of Caribbean / Puerto Rican home remedies and Brujeria magic,” according to the website. Founded by Lynsey Ayala. 

  • Cushy Cones (Miami and Portland, Ore.) is a line of pre-rolled papers made from organic hemp. The vibrant, sometimes trippy designs are made using nontoxic, plant-based, edible soy oils. Created by Alexis Fernandez and Victoria Rodriguez. 

  • Summit Boys is a clothing brand, and cannabis manufacturing company that makes concentrates, including live resin diamonds, caviar crumble and caviar sugar. Founded by Michael Larson. 

  • Amplifii Life (Costa Mesa, Calif.) is a blend formulation company, according to the company’s website. Amplifii Life develops hemp based products, including hemp juice vape pens and face masks. Co-founded by Guilhermo Sgarbi. 

  • dreamt (L.A.), a sleep aid, was developed by leading cannabis scientist, Carolina Vazquez Mitchell. Products include vape pens, tinctures and shots contain blends of cannabis (THC and CBD), melatonin, valerian root extract and terpenes. 

  • House of Puff (NYC) is an accessories company for modern women that’s driven by art and fashion. The online shop includes pipes, rolling papers, candles and more products that feature a femine touch. Founded by Krstina Lopez Adduci. 

  • Ojo De La Sol (Oakland, Calif.) is a medical cannabis company founded by Dania Cabello. Ojo De La Sol salves and bath salts are made in small batches; based on ancient remedies; and are “rooted in healing familia that has grown to reach athletes, elders, and people struggling with chronic discomfort,” according to Cabello. 

  • Pleasure Peaks (Toronto, Canada) is a women’s sexual health company, founded by Antuanette Gomez. The organic, pH balanced products are geared toward pain and pleasure, and menstrual pain, dyspareunia, endometriosis, rape survivors, and more. 

  • SHERBINSKIS (San Francisco) founded by Mario Guzman, master cultivator who is credited with creating world famous strains, including: Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, and Pink Panties. The brand has grown from a flower to lifestyle brand, offering genetics, a variety of cannabis products, merch and more. 

  • Pure Beauty (L.A.) is a sustainable cannabis lifestyle brand and conscious cultivation company. The company’s cultivation sites use no excess water, have no drain off—and used soil is donated to local parks. In addition to flower, Pure Beauty also offers apparel. Co-founded by Imelda Walavalkar.

  • Ditzybop (NYC) is a soon-to-launch marketplace of curated products for all consumers. Founded by Chica Cruz, who tells the Emerald the company will offer flower and accessories, including hemp pre-rolls and papers. 

  • Seventh Wave (Arcata, Calif.) is a delivery, distribution and extraction company. Seventh Wave extracts are made using only ice and water (i.e. no solvents). The microbusiness is an equity company, co-founded by second generation, legacy market operator—Timo Espinoza—and El Salvadorian native, Dimas Olivia. 

  • The High Honey Co. (Gilroy, Calif.) is a custom accessories company. Founder and creator, Yanni Muniz, handmakes grinders and ashtrays from resin (a polymer). Muniz tells Emerald that she soon plans to also develop a line of hemp products, including hemp resin grinders, trays, and hemp rolling papers. 

  • Munisa Ceramica (L.A.) features handmade accessories, made from ceramic. Founder and pottery teacher, Isabela Munoz, creates her realistic, colorful pipes and pieces designed to look like ripe fruits including mango, dragon fruit, pitayas, limes, etc.

  • TrūFlora (L.A.) produces salves and herbal spliffs made from blends of medicinal herbs and cannabis that’s sourced from small, sustainable farms. The company is founded by equity advocates, Erica Kay and Carlos De La Torre, who also founded Cornerstone Wellness (see retail/storefronts), and sit on the board of  United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA). 

  • Besito LA (L.A.) is vape pen company, founded by Maggie Connors. The company’s pens are made with, “medical-grade stainless steel and ceramic wick technology,” according to Besito LA’s website, which adds that, “each vaporizer comes filled with our delicious cannabis blends and a built-in battery. So all you gotta do is pucker up.”

  • Root to Ritual (New York) is founded by creator, and certified holistic health coach, Karina Turtzo. The company offers herbal and CBD blends, including Skybound and Earthbody tinctures. Turtzo is also the founder of The Sacred Session—a mentor group for womxn—and the holistic health platform, Sovereign x Nature. 

  • Javier’s Organics (Oakland, Calif.) is a Bay Area-based micro-license, equity business, founded by Javier Armas. Armas is an educator, advocate and writer, and focuses on butender education.


  • Musica Capital Group (L.A.) is the first Latin American investment firm for the medical cannabis industry. The firm looks, “to support Latino initiatives in the legal cannabis industry through a combination of acquisitions, business incubation and venture capital,” according to the company’s website. Founded by Bogotá, Colombia native, Carol Ortega Algarra. 

  • Latinas Cannapreneurs (San Juan, Puerto Rico) is a non-profit that aims to educate and advocate for Latina canna-preneurs in Puerto Rico. The organization grants scholarships and provides, “educational tools and support to break stigma while promoting inclusiveness in the growing green era,” according to the website. Founded by Frances Gonzalez, who also founded Millennia Solutions (see technology section), an answering service for cannabis companies. 

  • Fundación Daya (Santiago, Chile) is a non-profit that researches and implements alternative medical treatments, including those that involve cannabis. Its members also collaborate with leaders to, “design public policies that promote the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being,” according to the website. Founded by Ana Maria Gazmuri. 

  • Cannabis Cultural Association (New York) is a non-profit organization co-founded by Nelson Guerrero and ​Jake Plowden that works to educate people in English and in Spanish about the benefits of cannabis, while emphasizing criminal justice reform and access to medical cannabis. 

  • Mamá Cultiva (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a non-profit that brings, “together mothers of children with refractory epilepsy, cancer and other pathologies that have not found an improvement with traditional medicine, [and seeks] to promote the use of medicinal cannabis […],” states the website. Founded by Paulina Bobadilla after her daughter, Javiera, was “diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis and epilepsy,” according to Kannabia Seed Co.

  • Latinos for Cannabis (L.A.) is a Southern-California-based organization that supports, advocates, and educates Latinx entrepreneurs in the industry. The organization partners with others to offer employment and expungement clinics. Founded by Gabriel Guzman.

  • Brujitxs Del Barrio (San Diego, Calif.) is a collective of womxn of color, co-founded by Angelana Marie, Hanah Salas, and Zepeda. In an interview with SD Voyager, they explain their mission to, “hold space, bring healing and empowerment to our communities. We offer a full range of herbal medicine, self-care products, art, and beautiful things.”

  • Cannalatino (global) is a Denver-based cannabis community for the Latinx world. “Cannalatino fights day-by-day to eliminate the taboo that surrounds cannabis in the Latin culture and thus be able to spread the scientific benefits of this plant,” according to the website. Founded by Danielle Espinel. 

  • Cannabicas Latinas (Chile) is an advocacy group dedicated to the “vindication of the role of women in cannabis culture,” according to the organization’s website. Founded by Daniela Rodriguez and Belen Riveros, whose mission is to create content for women, by women.  

  • Direct Cannabis Network (San Diego, Calif) “is the leading digital B2B news network covering the latest tech, entrepreneurs, and innovative companies in the cannabis Industry,” according to DCN’s Instagram account. Founded by Adelia Carrillo. 

  • Mary’s List (Denver) is an employment agency for freelancers in the cannabis industry. Co-founded by licensed attorney, Denise Biderman. 

  • Por Grace (Monterrey, Mexico) is an organization that promotes the therapeutic use of cannabis. The organization was founded after Graciela Elizalde Benavides was diagnosed by a severe form of childhood epilepsy. Founded by Raúl Elizalde. 

  • Our Community Harvest (NYC) is a cannabis education company that also curates CBD products and infused cooking guides. Founder, Rob Mejia, launched OCH, “to provide curious adults clear, researched information,” and offer, “confident, safe, and smart ways to experience cannabis,” according to OCH’s website.  

  • High Mi Madre (New York) is a “womyn and femme of color cannabis cooperative,” according to group’s website. Founded by speaker and activist, Emily Ramos Rodriguez, Boricua and New York native. 

  • Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council (Boston), co-founded by Sonia Espinosa and Kamani Jefferson, is a non-profit that works with local and state governments, “to ensure the safety and wellbeing of recreational users, businesses and the public, according to MRCC’s site. 

  • Ellementa (Anchorage, Alaska) is a national network with local chapters throughout the U.S. for women who want to learn about cannabis. Co-founded by author and Latina web pioneer, Aliza Sherman, and Melissa Pierce, and Ashley Kingsley.  

  • Cyntivee (Los Altos, Calif.) is a cannabis events and education platform founded by Cynthia Villamizar. “Through recipes, wellness plans, tutorials and reviews, Cyntivee is committed to reeducating communities on how CBD and Cannabis can be a part of a healthy lifestyle,” according to the company’s LinkedIn.

  • Bay Area Latino Cannabis Alliance (Bay Area) or BALCA is an alliance for Latinos in the industry. The organization, which spans from San Francisco to San Jose, focuses on empowering its members through cannabis. Founded by Cynthia Villamizar, Javier Armas and Daniel Montero.

  • Cannaware Society (New York City) was founded in 2017, “to ensure that all Tri-State communities have fair and equal access to the cannabis plant and industry,” according to the company. Since 2017, Cannaware has worked to educate entrepreneurs, patients, and advocates alike, and also curates networking events, panels and advocacy guides. Founded by Afro-Latino entrepreneur Grizzly Bocourt, who is also the founder of A Rebel Minded Society, and New York Cannabis United.

Delivery Services 

  • Kush Cart (Portland, Ore) is a cannabis delivery service in Portland, Oregon that offers edibles, topicals, flower and more. Co-founded by Isaac Camacho and Eriverto M. Montes. 

  • Calibueno (Oakland, Calif.) is a Bay Area micro-business that manufactures, distributes and delivers compliant cannabis goods. Calibueno was founded by Claudia Mercado, a Zacatecas, Mexico native who was raised in Oakland.  

  • Ekstrepe (Long Beach, Calif.) is a soon to launch cannabis delivery service and brand founded by Edgar Cruz. According to an interview with Voyage LA, Cruz is currently in the process of building the cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing side of the business. 

  • Sana Canna (Orange County, Calif.) handcrafts holistic, vegan, hemp-infused body and skincare products, and plant-based sweets—and delivers them throughout L.A.. Founded by Silvana Zamara, “a Peruvian born, SoCal raised mama of three and a Holistic Healing Practitioner,” the website reads. “We highly focus on Latinx herbs and produce found in an abuelita’s kitchen and source Peruvian (my home country) ingredients whenever possible.” 


  • Wepa! Farms (Shelton, Conn.) is a hemp growing venture, founded by Luis Vega. Vega is, “Connecticut’s first officially Latino licensed hemp farmer, producer and distributor,” states Wepa’s website. Wepa hemp is used for both industrial purposes, and CBD products. 

  • Cannabis Medical (Barranquilla, Colombia) is a medical cannabis cultivation company that’s located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and specializes in strains that treat cancer, epilepsy, depression and more. Founded by Dr. Frank Ladmadrid

  • Mount Horeb Hemp (Mount Horeb, Wis.) is a hemp farm located in south central Wisconsin. The company produces third party tested, full-spectrum CBD selections including hemp oils. Founded by Kattia Jiménez, who also co-founded the Hemp Can Do It podcast, and the Wisconsin Hemp Alliance.  

  • Floweed Papers (Palmeira, Spain) is a stationary store for cannabis lovers. Founder and creator, Nonó Floweed, offers decor, grow journals, tote bags and more on her online Esty store. 

  • Magic Hour Cannabis (Portland, Ore.) is a small, indoor grow operation, co-founded by Will Perry and Adriana Ruiz Carlile. Products, which include flower and pre-rolls, are 100% organic.

  • Bird Valley Organics (Santa Cruz, Calif.) is a “regenerative, Envirocann certified, cannabis and vegetable farm,” located in the Pajaro Valley hillside in Santa Cruz County,” according to the company’s website. Co-founded by a first generation Cuban-American husband and wife team—and third generation farmers—Terry Sardinas and Manny Alvarez. 

  • Sun Roots Farm (Covelo, Calif.) is a regenerative cannabis farm, located in the Emerald Triangle. Co-founders Patricia Vargas and Forrest Gauder grow heritage strains using biodynamic, organic farming practices. 

  • Raising Vibes Farms (Salida, Colo.) is a family-owned farm, located in Central Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. Farmers and co-founders, Ford and Alessandra Gastaldello, use regenerative practices on their farm, and offer products like full-spectrum oils and seeds.  

  • The Botanical Joint (Squaw Valley, Calif.) is a boutique hemp farm, founded by Hispanic female grower, Sue Carlton. All the company’s products are created in-house. TBJ carries indoor and outdoor-grown selections, concentrates, pollen, clones and more. 

  • Sum of Life by Elevate Farmz, LLC (Southern California) is a ”full service cannabis producer,” specializing in sought-after strains, and with “in-house manufacturing and distribution,” according to their website. Operated by Latina mom and entrepreneur, Ingrid McCall.

  • Pideka Farm (Bogotá, Colombia) is one of the first licensed cannabis cultivation operations in Colombia. The company has registered more than 50 psychoactive and five non-psychoactive medical cannabis strains, according to Pideka Farms’ website. Founded by Pilar Sánchez, Denis Contri, and Camilo Cruz. 

  • AYAOR (Chaparral, N.M.) is a diverse, multi-generational team dedicated to the conscious cultivation of hemp. The company offers handcrafted products including oils and chocolates. Founded by JAG and Dr. Adela Felix Nibelas, David Ali, and Ava Maria.   

  • Flowerdaze Farm (Emerald Triangle) is a regenerative cannabis farm, founded by Karla Avila and her husband, Jacob Johnson—also authors of the book, “The Flowerdaze Farm Regenerative Guide to Cannabis.” The farm specializes in artisanal “[…] cannabis flower handcrafted from start to finish, reflecting the distinctive flavors, characteristics and true Terroir of the land in one of the most special cannabis appellations and premier micro-regions for cannabis cultivation in the world,” according to the website.

  • Sahalie Herbals (Sisters, Oregon) is a family-run organic hemp farm located in the foothills of the Cascades. The company, which also specializes in an array of other botanicals, features CBD and CBG hemp flower products, including pre-rolls that are packaged in recycled ocean plastics. Founded by brothers Jacob Baynes and Jason Baynes.


  • Higher Dining (NYC) is an event, yoga and dining series, created by sisters Shanelly and Roshelly Pena. The sisters merge their Dominican heritage, and love for food, cannabis and community into dishes that are, “exquisitely prepared with proper pot dosages per course,” and, “the medicinal benefits of our attendees’ strain preferences,” states their website. 

  • Flor de María (New York) is a handcrafted edibles company that offers CBD-infused, single origin, fair trade chocolates. Founder, William Zitser, sources the chocolate from Venezuela—his home country, and adds “ clean, hand-cultivated, New York grown full spectrum CBD oil,” according to Flor de Maria’s website.

  • The Canna Confectioner (Las Vegas) aka Brittany Gomez is a Las Vegas-based baker who specializes in edibles. Gomez creates colorful, cannabis-infused confections, including gummies, cookies, pies, cakes and more. 

  • Planda (Chicago) is a full-service, fine dining service that focuses on the intersection of cannabis and cuisine. Planda offers experiences ranging from infused meals, to cocktails and coffee tasting experiences. Owned and operated by Chef Rocio Vargas. 

  • Calivolve (California) is a luxury line of CBD-infused dark chocolate truffles, co-founded by Lilly Cabral and My Thai. Calivolve goodies are 100% naturally vegan and gluten-free—made from ingredients including full-spectrum hemp extract, ashwagandha. 

  • The Green Baker (West Palm Beach, Fla.), aka Angie Willoughby, creates cannabis infused decadent delights, from cakesicles to cookies and more. An Afro-Latinx queer women, Willoughby also hosts a podcast and blog under the moniker. 

  • 99th Floor (NYC) is an invite only, cannabis-infused fine dining experience with Dominican Chef Miguel Trinidad. Co-founded by Chef Trinidad and Doug Cohen. 

  • Nutranabis (Chile) is one of the first Chilean food brands to focus on hemp. Co-founded by Barbara Galetti, the company offers hemp nuts, hemp protein powder, hemp flour and more hemp recipes (including hummus and pesto). 

  • Product of L.A. (L.A.) or POLA is a confectionery company that includes La Familia Chocolates. Created for Latinos by chefs and second generation Mexican Americans, according to the company’s description on Weedmaps, which adds, “[We] Incorporate iconic Mexican desert and candies into our ingredients […]. Extending the authenticity of our culture and tradition to the cannabis industry.” Co-founded by Alberto Valdovinos and Edgar Vasquez. 

  • Bootleg Avocado LLC (NYC) specializes in creating innovative, cannabis-infused foods, beverages and events. The NYC-based businesses supports start-ups with functional food and wellness, according to Bootleg Avocado’s website. The company also offers consulting services, speaking engagements and a podcast series. Founded by Mario Rodriguez.

Media, P.R., and Law

  • Mota Radio (Portland, Ore.) is a cannabis culture and music radio station with broadcasts and podcasts in Spanish. The platform educates Latinx audiences on legal cannabis, it’s medicinal benefits, and trends in the industry. Founded by Luis. Muchacho-Jugo. 

  • Ciudad Cannabis (Portland, Ore.) is a news source, also founded by Luis Muchacho-Jugo after he migrated to the U.S., “from Venezuela after his successful media company was abruptly seized by the Hugo Chavez government and had fled overnight to Miami or risk getting arrested,” according to an episode of the podcast, Latino Founder Hour

  • Limone Creative (NYC and L.A.) is a creative consulting firm for cannabis companies. Founded Bianca Monica, Limone Creative services include brand identity, content strategy, analytics and reporting, and more.

  • Visine Queen aka Lisa Chabrier is an Afro-Latina artist, blogger, and multipreneur who also founded The Stock Up Events and The Jane Doe Co. (see Brands). Her platform, Visine Queen, is for women and all others who express themselves through, or identify with, cannabis. Her brand is recognized as, “one of the first [to create] artwork for urban women who smoke,” explains Visine Queen’s Instagram account. 

  • Fabiola Jiminez, Esq. is an attorney at the cannabis business law firm, Cultiva Law, in Seattle, Washington. “She aids her clients with issues regarding privacy, restricted product development, cannabis and CBD branding, and general business strategy for cannabis and CBD companies,” according to Culiva Law profile. 

  • Jessica F. Gonzalez, Esq. specializes in cannabis and intellectual property law at Bressler, Amery and Ross, P.C. in Florham Park, New Jersey. Gonzalez also works as general outside counsel for Minorities for Medical Marijuana, and is on the Federal Policy Committee for the Minority Cannabis Business Association. 

  • Perez Strategy LLC (San Francisco Bay Area) is operated by Isamarie Pérez. The strategic consulting firm specializes in “launching and scaling cannabis startups, retail operations, delivery services, and brands by implementing technology solutions for rapid growth,” according to Pérez’s LinkedIn account. 

  • Propacanna (Chicago) is a visual storytelling media source, created by Sophia Julio. Julio develops content that focuses on rewriting, “the propaganda that the prohibition of cannabis and the War on Drugs created all those years ago,” according to Propacanna’s website. 

  • AriLechuga CBD (Juárez City, Mexico) is a Spanish language cannabis education source that offers information on cannabinoids and CBD products. Founded by Ariande Lechuga. 

  • Kitchen Toke is one of the first media brands dedicated exclusively to culinary cannabis, according to the company’s website. Kitchen Toke offers a magazine, apparel, and recipes for infused human and pet foods. Founded Joline Rivera. 

  • The M Agency (Vancouver, Wash.) is a holistic advertising and marketing firm that specializes in content creation, social media management, consulting and more. Co-founded and operated by Mariah and Michelle Martinez. 

  • Boast Graphic Design (Stockton, Calif.) is a graphic design and advertising agency based in Central California. Founded and operated by designer David Martinez. Martinez creates for a variety of industry and non-industry brands throughout the U.S. 

  • GW Smoke Break TV (Oakland, Calif.) is a podcast-style video series hosted by Daniel Montero. Montero sits down for interviews with industry legends and legacy operators, including Kevin Jodery, and showcases Northern California farms.

  • QuantumAlignment ®Podcast (Humboldt County, Calif.) is a series that focuses on educating listeners about holistic health. Host, Dr. Pepper Hernandez, speaks with guests from all over the world on topics ranging from yoga, to music, medicinal cannabis, nutrition, sexuality and more. “In sharing various practitioners’ experiences and insight, we hope to cultivate a deeper relationship between one’s true self and the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies,” reads the website.

  • Gastronomy Media (Florida) is a soon-to-launch news source. It’s “South Florida’s first media brand and digital magazine focused on elevated cannabis + food content,” according to the media group’s Instagram. Founded by Cristina Garzón.

  • The Medical Cannabis Community (Chicago)  is a cannabis media company with more than 30,000 community members across the U.S. TMCC is focused on building communities, content, and facilitating market research. TMCC also works to “establish a culture of inclusivity, support, learning, diversity, individual empowerment, and inspiration for community action,” according to the company’s website. Founded by Abraham Villegas.

  • GALLERY PR (New York City and L.A.) is a bi-coastal PR agency founded in 2018 by Sonia Hendrix, who was crowned “the doyenne of cannabis marketing and publicity,” by VARIETY. Hendrix — whose clients have included Jessica Alba, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner — brings the world of high fashion to the industry, and works with clients such as SHERBINSKIS, Post Malone, and Kush Queen to develop content, strategic alliances, thought leadership, special events and more.

  • Happy Munkey LLC (New York) “is a New York City cannabis inspired lifestyle brand specializing in the “Higher End” of hospitality and media,” according to the company’s website. Happy Munkey creates events, and digital and print content. Co-founded by Ramon Reyes and Valdimir Bautista. 

  • High Life Consulting LLC (Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa) is “the premiere local consultant group for hemp and emerging cannabis businesses,” according to the company’s website.  High Life specializes in “retail and production operations, special promotions, community and staff education, as well as marketing and branding services.” Founded by Joe Madrid.


  • Happy Organics (Merced, Calif.) sells raw honey, salves, lip balm, and other hemp infusions. It was founded by Jessica Gonzalez, a third generation apiarist whose grandfather was a beekeeper in Michoacán, Mexico. After the craft was passed to her father, then her, she began infusing “harvested raw honey with CBD […] to find a way to ease my fathers’ pain as he got sicker,” according to Happy Organics’ website. 

  • Buena Botanicals is a family-owned, organic CBD brand, created in 2019 by Afro-Latina twin sisters, Coral and Rah Hines. Products, which include elixirs and body creams, are “infused with Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil. The hemp used to make our CBD is USDA certified Organic, hand-harvested, eco-responsible, and ethically grown,” according to the website. 

  • MaryJae (Austin, Tx.) is a retail shop and lifestyle brand created as a safe space to learn about CBD. The shop offers CBD products for humans and pets, in addition to merchandise and accessories. Founded by Jae Graham, who launched MaryJae in honor of her father, Larry. 

  • Bee Free LLC (Passaic, N.J.) is an online shop that sells a variety of organic CBD products from brands like Polti, Oleo, Tonic and more. Founded by Jacqueline Herrera

  • Open Apothecary (San Diego, Calif.) offers a variety of CBD products, from oils to salves, bath bombs and more. Founded by mother, and herbal remedy expert, Hanah Salas. Salas also founded Magic Mama—a collection of essential oil sprays. 

  • Dust to Diamonds (Quartz Hills, Calif.) is a CBD retail shop in L.A. county. IThe company’s personal care products feature CBD isolate from USDA grown hemp. Its founders, Vanessa Macias and Mariah Dodson, are recognized as some of the youngest canna-preneurs in the industry. 

  • Hustle + Flo Wellness (New York) is a soon-to-be released e-commerce lifestyle brand focused on THC-free CBD products that help improve the hustle and bustle of city life, according to the brand’s Instagram. Founded by Jamie Galvis.

  • Soy Negra CBD offers CBD isolate-infused organic bath and body products. “I want the everyday mom to take her weekly bubble bath and drop a CBD infused bath soak  or bath bomb into her tub and let her troubles melt away, even if only for a moment,” reads the company’s website. Founded by Afro-Latina entrepreneur, Lisa Dodson.  

  • Kreaky Products (NYC) specializes in infusions ranging from body butters, to hemp honey to hemp Adobo. Founder, Chica Cruz, tells Emerald. “We are passionate about helping people transition from opioids and nicotine to hemp alternatives. Our company started as a result of my grandmother suffering from a knee replacement. Her accident changed my life and made me realize that I could heal her and others by using cannabis.”

  • Reina Wellness (Nevada) is a hemp/CBD wellness company that produces oils, topicals, probiotics and dietary supplements. Founded by industry multipreneur, Priscilla Vilchis, who is also the CEO and founder of Premium Produce (see cultivators).

  • CBD LIfe (Mexico City, Mexico), is a CBD health and wellness company, founded by Janko Ruiz de Chávez. The business produces a line of CBD Life branded balms, and other brands like Mariguanol. 

  • Delaraza (Portland, Ore.) produces organic sublingual sprays, made with full spectrum CBD source from sun-grown hemp, and cinnamon and apples. Co-founded by Pinky Gonzales and Madeleine Ahrens. 

  • Cypress Hemp (Baton Rouge, La.) offers full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products including oils, soaps, pet treats and flower. Founded by Kristy Hébert and Blake Bilger, who launched the company after Hébert was hit by a drunk driver in college, and successfully traded pain killers for CBD. 

  • Terrestrial Roots (NYC) is a CBD company, focused on developing natural healing products. The company’s full-spectrum oils, flower, salves and lip balms are made using locally sourced, organic hemp. Founded by Cindy Bencosme.

  • Wela Nutraceuticals (Florida and Colorado) is 100% THC-free brand. The company’s broad spectrum CBD products are made using nanoemulsion technology. According to Wela’s website, the company is the number one distributor of premium hemp extracts in the U.S. Co-founded by Gabriela Maristany Duke and Juan Andres Maristany.


  • C-Trax (Charlotte, N.C.) is a point-of-sale (POS) software solutions company focused on hemp retailers. It was co-founded by Sean Tolliver, who is also president of the Charlotte, N.C. chapter of Minorities for Medical Marijuana. 

  • Millennia Solutions (Puerto Rico) is a bi-lingual contact service company, founded by Frances Gonzalez. English and Spanish language services include a 24/7 call center, message portals, surveys, web solutions, customer relations management (CRM) systems, and more. 

  • Leaf Launch (Jersey City, N.J.) is an information technology service and consulting company that, “offers an online accelerator as a service for ancillary companies in the cannabis industry,” according to the company’s LinkedIn. Co-founded by Rani Soto. 

  • iComply, LLC (Denver) is a cannabis compliance software solutions company, which also provides training services. Founded by first generation Brazilian-American, Mark Slaugh, according to Mass Roots

Beauty, Health and Wellness

  • Atomic Make-Up (NYC) is a vegan, cruelty-free make-up company featuring a line of CBD lipsticks and gloss. Founded by Mexican American entrepreneur, Navil Rico. The company is the first to offer CBD-infused lip products, according to the brand’s website. 

  • Make & Mary (Portland, Ore.) is a beauty and lifestyle brand that offers skincare and aromatherapy products infused with full spectrum, sun-grown hemp. Products are pesticide-free, vegan and organic. Founded by Yvonne Peréz Emerson. 

  • Gracious Om (L.A.) is a luxury CBD skincare and natural healing brand. Products range from botanical masks, to sprays and toners. The company was founded by Andrea Barrera after she met with, “curanderas and curanderos, Shamans, estheticians, holistic healers and doctors originating from countries all over Latin America,” according to Gracious Om’s website. 

  • Lux Beauty Club is a clean beauty and wellness company that manufactures a range of skincare products—including pain relief balms—that are made from proprietary blends of full spectrum hemp, and organic, plant-based ingredients. Co-founded by Victoria Flores and Leslie Wilson.

  • Highlites (Brooklyn, N.Y) is a community for cannabis and Vinyasa yoga lovers. Founded by Danielle Olivarez, her alignment-based sessions often involve props. “With the help of cannabis in different forms, she incorporates a mind-body connection in all her classes,” according to her website. 

  • International Medical Consultants, Inc. (DeLand, Fla.), founded by internationally renowned cannabis health expert, Joseph Rosadp, MD, MBA. IMC provides consulting services to doctors throughout the world. Dr. Rosado is also the author of the book, Health and Healing: The Case for Cannabis

  • LDLR (San Francisco Bay Area) is a cannabis infused intimacy product company that offers both THC and CBD cosmetics and accessories, including: Love Pastilleses, candles, massage tinctures, and condoms for him and her.

  • Herbas Body Care (NYC) is a plant-based body care company founded by Miriam Farer. Herbas products—which include lip balms and “terfumes”—are made with organic, full-spectrum hemp and other herbs like chamomile, beeswax and more. 

  • Cannabis Holistic Institute (Arcata, Calif.) is a holistic healthcare practice, founded Dr. Pepper Hernandez, ND, PhD, CNHP, CTC.  Dr. Hernandez, who is board certified in a range of therapies, offers services including detox, psychotherapy, and training courses. She is also a leader in cannabis research, and hosts the QuantumAlignment ®Podcast (see Media).

  • ILUMI Life (Orlando, Fla.) is a healthcare collective focused on plant-based medicine. Co-founded by Marena De Jesus ARNP-BC, a nurse practitioner in the cannabis industry. The company was created, “out of request and need for people to have a trusted platform to which to buy Premium CBD and cannabinoid products,” according to ILUMI’s website.

This is an on-going list. The Emerald will continue to update it. Please reach out or comment below to be included. For a list of Black-owned cannabis companies, click here.

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