Everyday Sexy is Waiting for You

Everyday Sexy is Waiting for You

When Luz first introduced me to “Everyday Sexy,” I was smitten. Those two lovely words captured something I’d spent nearly a lifetime trying teach people: sexual self-esteem.

“Everyday Sexy” simply asks you to embrace one simple truth: that you are sexy—every inch of you, inside and out—no matter what you are doing and where you are doing it. Sexuality isn’t just something you turn on when you climb into bed with a lover; it’s the living, breathing joyful force that thrives on self-love, intimacy, passion, generosity, and beauty. Your sexuality is electrifying in the heat of passion, it’s rejuvenating when you reach new depths of intimacy, and it emboldening when you dare to be your gorgeous unique self. Yes, I know saying it and living it are not always the same thing—all kinds of things can bog you down—but things just got a whole lot easier thanks to Luz de la Riva’s cannabis-infused intimacy products.

With LDLR’s exclusive line of “intimate cannabis cosmeceuticals”, owners Luz and Luna want to show you what the cosmetics industry has overlooked for centuries: that beauty and self-care extend well beyond the face and neck. Not only do the healing properties of THC and CBD revitalize and nourish the skin, but cannabis has a well-deserved reputation as an aphrodisiac. The THC’s impact on brain chemistry elevates the senses, lowers inhibitions, and invites a deeper connection. If you feel good in your body, if you find beauty in the world around you, and if you connect meaningfully with those close to you, then you, my friend, are Everyday Sexy.

As you browse the pages of LDLR’s website, let your imagination run wild and celebrate Everyday Sexy rituals: adorn yourself with a shimmering body oil, arouse your desire with an edible oil, or luxuriate in a full-body pampering session with an intimate moisturizer.

Is your libido ready to come out and play?