Imagine we are meeting each other for the first time in a beautiful outdoor garden. The sun warms our skin, the lavender from the herb garden delights us, we drink our favorite summer cocktails, and we are about to try some cannabis edibles from a decadent-looking buffet. That’s a nice way for us to meet each other don’t you think?

My name is Anne Semans, and I’m your host at HOUSE OF LDLR’s blog. I wanted us to meet at my fantasy garden party because I hope illustrated what I want to accomplish in a virtual way: to open up your mind—and eventually your senses—to the many wonderful ways cannabis can help make us more sensually alive human beings.


At LDLR we have coined a phrase you will hear us use a lot: “Everyday Sexy.” It rolls right off the tongue right? To put it simply, it’s a state of being that brings your thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being into harmony. Feeling great in your bodies, in your environment, and with each other is a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s sexy, and it comes from within and radiates outward.

When you say the word “sexy” most people think of a particular style of dress or pose (duck lips anyone?), but Everyday Sexy is about so much more. At House of LDLR, we want you to embrace one simple truth: you are sexy—every inch of you inside and out—no matter what you are doing and where you are doing it. Sexuality isn’t just something you turn on when you climb into bed with a lover; it’s a constant low-burning flame that thrives on self-love, intimacy, passion, generosity, and beauty. Your sexuality is electrifying in the heat of passion, it’s rejuvenating when you reach new depths of intimacy, and it is emboldening when you dare to be your gorgeous unique self.


What do we mean by “sexual wellness” and what does cannabis have to do with it? Sexual wellness reflects a more holistic view of your sexual health—it’s not just about the absence of disease or dysfunction—it covers your emotional and social well-being in addition to the physical parts. Mutual respect, safety, confidence, sexual agency, and the pursuit of pleasure are all key to sexual wellness in women and men. When used responsibly, the healing and erotic properties of cannabis can help you enjoy your sexuality to its fullest. People put their sexuality on the back burner for all kinds of reasons: fatigue, pain, boredom, or embarrassment to name a few. We’ll look at some of the ways to overcome these limitations in order to embrace a more robust sexuality.


Ok, so now that I’ve broken the ice at our little party with a frank discussion of sex, I’ll tell you a bit more about myself. Here at HOUSE OF LDLR I’m the sex expert. As much as I shy away from that title, I do come by it honestly after thirty years of talking to people about sex. I worked at three feminist sex toy stores: Good Vibrations, Babeland, and Libida, helping people discover the joys of sex toys in ways that were fun and responsible. I’ve written several sex education books, including The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex and Sexy Mamas with my co-author Cathy Winks. I started in this line of work in my early Twenties and am now in my Fifties, so between the books, the blogs, the how to’s, the workshops, and the many interesting dinner party conversations—you could say I’ve acquired some knowledge about “sexuality over a lifetime,” and I’m excited to share some sexual wellness tips with you.

That said, I’m going to be honest that I’m on the cannabis learning curve like many of you. Sure I got high in my youth and occasionally over the ensuing years, but while it was illegal I mostly kept my distance. But I remember enough of my occasional forays to know that marijuana expanded my experience of sex, sensuality, and intimacy. I’m looking forward to exploring those connections with you, and hope you’ll send me your questions, stories, or feedback. Like many of you discovering the medical benefits of cannabis-infused topicals like creams and salves, since HOUSE OF LDLR’s Kim Sensual Body Butter my hips don’t hurt and my body is happier than it has been IN YEARS . Seeing friends and family go through the same discovery process (think, “wow, this stuff really works!”) thrills me and is rapidly turning me into a cannabis evangelist.

Lastly, I am a huge fan of the two women, Luz and Luna de la Riva, who own this company. I worked with Luz in the sex toy business 13 years ago and we became fast friends, bonding over our shared experiences as single moms and feisty women in the world of adult retailing. In this new venture Luz and her daughter Luna bring all the brains, beauty, and brawn one needs to navigate the legal cannabis industry, plus a passion for both cannabis and sexual wellness that few can match. I’m happy to work with them, am enjoying my product testing, and look forward to sharing my journey with all of you!


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