LDLR founders Luz and Luna de la Riva wowed the public and cannabis business leaders last weekend at the New West Summit, the premier tradeshow for the cannabis industry. Reaction to LDLR’s line of intimate cannabis cosmeceuticals was wildly enthusiastic. “People were very intrigued and fascinated by the way cannabis could be infused into everyday products like our sensuals,” said Luz. “We love showing people that there is another dimension to cannabis and pleasure—that it can be sexy, clean, feminine, and glam.”Hundreds of attendees stopped by the LDLR booth, which showcased LDLR’s cannabis-infused shimmering body oil (Sasha), a kissable oil (Goldie), a massage candle (Star), and water-based lubricant (Gloria). “People loved the products and really embraced our Everyday Sexy concept,” said co-founder Luna. “Women want products that will make them feel comfortable and confident, and empowered in the boardroom as well as the bedroom. We had someone come by after trying one of our samples to tell us that she got distracted during her presentation because she loved the fragrance of our body oil so much.”

Female attendees raved the most about Sasha Sensual Body Shimmer, while Goldie Kissable Massage Oil and Star Intimate Massage Candle “would brighten people’s faces when they figured out what they were for,” said Luz. Gloria water-based lube appealed to men who like liked that it was extra slippery, while women liked that it wasn’t sticky or tacky. “We were surprised at how few people had seen a water-based lubricant before. We loved teaching them about how necessary water-based lube is if they are planning to use it with condoms or latex products.” I couldn’t attend, but I asked Luz and Luna what questions they were asked the most often so that we could add them to our FAQ. Here they are:


Cannabis in sensuals can help connect you to your own sexuality, and deepen your intimacy with partners. Cannabis can relieve pain so you are comfortable in your body, it can work as an aphrodisiac so you feel desire, and it can open you up to deeper connections to a partner by lowering some of your inhibitions. You can use it solely for the medicinal and skin care properties, which are great for self-care, or you can explore the pleasure potential with a partner. People routinely put their sexuality on the back burner for all kinds of reasons: fatigue, pain, boredom, embarrassment, to name a few. But we forget sexuality is a life-force that is simmering away all the time--it’s not just about hopping into bed to have sex--but how you feel in your body, your mind, and your relationships.


Our topical products like Gloria Lubricant or Sasha Body Oil will not get you high—the only way you will experience some sort of psychoactive effect is through inhalation and edibles (the THC in cannabis is what makes it psychoactive.) Our edibles, like Goldie’s Kissable Massage Oil, are designed to be consumed and the THC versions will have psychoactive effects. As will our pre-rolls Mami and Papi, with minimal fuss and in maximum style!

HOW IS CANNABIS LUBRICANT DIFFERENT THAN OTHER LUBRICANTS? LDLR’s lube is water-based, which is important if you plan to use any latex products like condoms or diaphragms. If a lube says it has cannabis in it, it is probably an oil, which will break down the latex and make your sex unsafe! LDLR’s lube contains the essence of cannabis which is extracted from the plant. LDLR lube is also completely free of harmful ingredients like parabens and glycerin. And cannabis lube is different from non-cannabis lube because the CBD found in cannabis has some healing properties, and the reported effects include:

  • Increased blood flow to genitals, with a warm or tingly sensation

  • Increased arousal

  • More sensitivity in the vaginal area

  • More relaxed and receptive for penetration

  • More intense orgasms

  • Relief from vaginal pain

Finally, when asked what message they wanted visitors to the booth to take away, Luz shared this: “We are here to create a happy environment in your life. Above all, we care about women, the products they use, and the relationship with themselves, their partners, and our products.”


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