Few things are as sensually pleasing as a slow, lovingly administered massage. As a lover’s hands travel along your body delivering exquisite tactile pleasure you find yourself simultaneously relaxed and aroused. And now, thanks to the aphrodisiac and healing properties of the THC and CBD in cannabis-infused massage oils, your sensual explorations can be even more indulgent and freeing.

If you choose to give your partner an erotic massage, keep in mind that it differs from regular massage in that it is designed primarily to excite the receiver. In general therapeutic massage, the breast and genitals are avoided, but in an erotic massage they are hot spots, which contributes to full body arousal. Make sure your partner is aware that erotic massage is on the menu. There’s a big difference between a massage that can put you to sleep and one that can wake up your sex drive, though they can both be very sensual.


Cannabis oils and sensual massage are a match made in heaven. LDLR's cannabis-infused oils and creams are available in both THC and CBD formulas, so just choose your adventure! You can enjoy cannabis oils without getting high as long as you are not ingesting them. CBD is great for pain relief, so use it to work its healing magic on any aches, pains, or sore muscles. Try LDLR’s Moonlight if you want a more like traditional oil or Kim Sensual Body Butter if you want a creamy lotion-like texture.


Whether you are the massage giver or receiver, if you smoke or ingest any cannabis before or during the massage, your senses will be heightened by the THC in the cannabis. This means you’ll enjoy not just the tactile experience of the massage, but whatever sights, smells, and sounds come along with it. A “kissable” oil is designed to be kissed or licked off a lover’s body, so if you want to get high while giving a massage, try LDLR’s Roxy or Goldie Kissable Oils which are made with all-natural botanic oils and they taste delicious. Plus, they don’t give off any weedy smell, which make the aroma another treat for the senses.


Now that you have your cannabis oil (or regular massage oil) at hand, here are some techniques and tips to help set you up for success.

Prep. Warmth is the key to a good massage, so make sure the room you will be using is well heated. Warm up towels in the dryer and drape them over your partner. Heat up your cannabis-infused massage oil in the microwave or set the bottle in a bowl of hot water. Your lover might want to bathe first (why not bathe together?), which will both relax and warm them up. Put the phones away, but put on some sexy music if you like.

Position. Choose a space that will give you good access to all sides of your partner’s body. Massage tables are nice, but a bed that is big enough for you to kneel on either side of your partner will work fine. If you are naked as well, your partner will get a nice visual as you work your way around, and you can deliver some skin-to-skin contact when you want it.

Plan your moves. Before you get started, map out your moves in your head. Here’s a quick suggested tour: with your lover facedown, massage the back, shoulders, arms, hands, butt, legs and feet. Then turn them over and begin with a head rub, then do the legs, feet, abdomen, chest, and genitals.

Apply the cannabis oil. Pour about a tablespoon of oil into one of your hands, rub them together, then place them on your partner’s body. Skin soaks up oil quickly, so replenish as often as necessary, taking care to keep one hand in contact with the skin at all times.

Stroke all over. When you massage, use long firm strokes, and repeat them multiple times. For example, place both hands on your partner’s hands, then in one long firm stroke move up the arms, across the shoulders, down the back, butt, legs, and all the way to the toes. Experiment with different ways to manipulate your very dexterous hands—fan them out while stroking or use them to squeeze and knead up and down the sides of the back or legs.

Use thumbs, palms, fingers. Your thumbs and palms are capable of delivering focused pressure, while your fingers add spot pressure of a feather-light touch. Whatever stroke you use, modify it periodically to apply more or less pressure with the different parts of your hands. For example, take your thumbs and place them at the base of the spine, with your palms extended away from the spine. Slowly move up the spine applying firm pressure with your thumbs, while your palms slide firmly along the sides.

Attend to the butt. Standing or sitting at your partner’s feet, place one hand on each butt cheek and move them in opposite directions. Or squat over your partner’s butt, facing the feet, and massage the inner thigh, ending with a luxurious upward pull on the butt cheek. These moves tug on the genitals and are particularly arousing.

Pamper the breasts. Breasts are an integral part of your erotic massage, so don’t skip them unless your partner asks you to. Sitting or standing over your partner’s head, reach over with your palms and place them on her stomach. Slide up the stomach (but don’t apply pressure) and in between the breasts, then glide around the outside in a circular motion. You can cup them gently, then slide back down around. Another pleasant sensation on the breasts involves spreading your fingers and placing them on the outside of the breasts, gently bringing your fingertips together as you move in toward the nipple, and finishing with a slight nipple pinch. Men’s nipples are often overlooked as an erogenous zone, so try these moves on his nipples as well. If you want to get a little high while giving your massage, try kissing a few drops of Goldie Kissable Massage Oil with THC off the nipples, your warm mouth will feel great on the nipple and you’ll be rewarded with a deliciously-flavored oil and a buzz.

Arouse the genitals. If you’ve ever watched your partner masturbate, you’ve received the best instruction on how to massage their genitals. If not, proceed gently and lightly to explore all the surface areas with your fingertips and hands. You check in with your partner by asking “more of this?” or “does it feel good when I do this?” You should switch to a water-based lubricant like Gloria, at this point, especially if you’ll be inserting any fingers inside your partner or plan on having intercourse later. Oils shouldn’t be introduced into the body if you’ll be using condoms or diaphragms because they will break down the rubber and render them useless!

To come or not to come. Whether you want the end result to be an orgasm at this point is up to you. Whatever you decide, it’s nice to end your massage with some slow, loving full body strokes. This will help them relax, or it will prolong the excitement until you move on to your next act. After your massage is over, climb up alongside your partner and press your naked body against theirs for a delicious ending to an incredible experience.

A note: Every body is different so when trying cannabis there is no uniform dosage. If you are new to cannabis and ingesting a product with THC, please take the lowest recommended dose and wait 30 minutes to an hour before trying anymore. Always talk to your partner so they know how you’re feeling, and if they choose not to try a cannabis product, respect that choice. If you are using the product topically (i.e. Not ingesting it) it will not be psychoactive.


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