Meet Besitos, "the Aspirin of Love". 


If stress, fatigue, or lack of desire keep you from feeling intimate, you'll find that this 5mg THC-infused chewable pastille can relax you, boost your desire, and help you feel more playful in your body. Besitos tucks easily inside a pocket or purse, so it won't be long before Besitos becomes your go-to for matters of the heart and head. Each bottle contains (20) 5mg THC-infused tablets. 




Besitos son chiquitos pero poderosos. 


Besitos are tiny but powerful. 


Besitos sont petit mais puissant.





BESITOS Cannabis-Infused Love Pastilles

    • Cannabis-Infused Love Pastillitas
    • 5mg Δ-9-THC each 
    • 20 tablets per bottle 


Let's stay together. 

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