Set your passions aflame with CANDELA, our luxury cannabis-infused intimate massage candle. Made with rich CBD and organic aroma-botanicals, Candela seduces your senses and becomes a warm, luxurious massage oil as she melts.


Candela's oil never burns too hot, so light the candle to set the mood, let the pleasant meadow aroma satisfy your senses, and then slowly drip the warm oil onto your lover’s skin. CBD offers comforting relief from pain and inflammation, making Candela perfect for both therapeutic and sensual massage.


For decadent self-care, we recommend lighting Candela during bath time and massaging your body with her oil before bed. With a generous 30 hour burn time, Candela promises many nights of pleasure and self-care.

CANDELA Cannabis-Infused Intimate Massage Candle

    • 1000mg Medicinal CBD
    • 30 Hour Burn Time
    • Net wt: 8 oz 200 mL
    • The retail shelf life is one year. And 2+ years at home.


Let's stay together. 

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