Goldie 24K THC-Infused Kissable Massage Tincture

Turn any date night into an evening of luxurious and romantic bliss with Goldie 24K. Take turns kissing this delicious 24k Gold THC-infused edible oil off of each other's bodies and enjoy head to toe pleasure as Goldie intensifies every sound, taste, smell, sight, and electrifying touch that you share. 


Looking for more ways to enjoy Goldie? Our kissable tinctures do double-time as a tasty treat share with friends. Simply pour a little over your favorite treat and serve! 

Goldie 24K THC-Infused Kissable Massage Tincture

    • Crafted with 1000mg Delta 9-THC

    • 60ml 2 fl. oz.

    • Serving Size: 5mg per dropper, 17 servings per container.

    • Low Calorie & No Artificial Sugars 

    • Available in 2 delectable flavors: Fruta Prohibida and Crème Brûlée

    • Includes 10ml non-medicated water-based personal lubricant & 1 non-medicated latex condom