Goldie 24K THC-Infused Kissable Massage Tincture

Designed to be kissed or licked off a lover’s body, Goldie is a delectable THC and 24K gold-infused kissable massage oil that invites playful exploration and a deliriously good time. Simply pour a few drops on your favorite body part then invite your lover to lick the delicious golden oil off your body. When the THC kicks in, you’ll both feel delightfully abuzz and relish every sound, taste, smell, sight, and electrifying touch that you share.

Goldie 24K THC-Infused Kissable Massage Tincture

    • 60 ml 2fl oz.

    • Serving Size: 5mg THC per dropper squeeze / 17 servings per container.

    • Includes 10ml non-medicated water-based personal lubricant & 1 non-medicated latex condom.

    • Low Calorie & No Artificial Sugars.