Inspired by my mother, Lady M, and her bold, no B-S character, Mami celebrates the marriage of cannabis and sexuality with an iconic set of stiletto slim pre-rolls and condoms to ensures safety, style, and satisfaction.


Tall, slim, and irresistibly sexy, Mami hybrid pre-rolls are an irresistibly smooth and tasty smoke that is luxurious to senses and absolutely divine. Expect to feel more open in your body and sensitive to touch, making Mami a perfect addition to foreplay and lovemaking. 


Each Mami Set includes four long, “Stiletto” slim pre-rolls, three non-medicated latex condoms, and a matchbox, perfect for date night or your girlfriend’s bachelorette party!


MAMI Sexy Pre-Rolls and Condoms for Her

    • Premium Cannabis and Condoms Set for Women includes:
      • 4 Premium Handcrafted Cannabis Pre-Rolls (1g/ea)
      • 3 Non-Medicated Latex Condoms
      • 1 Matchbox
    • Net wt. 4.5 g


Let's stay together. 

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