PAPI Infused-Pre-Rolls & Condoms Set for Him

A tribute to my father, PAPI, is the ultimate gentleman's accessory for the cannabis aficionado.


  • Four premium infused cannabis pre-rolls are paired with a complimentary matchbox and three lubricated latex condoms to ensure you are always ready for your next amorous adventure.


  • Each Papi pre-roll is smooth, noble, and seductive to the senses – thoughtfully crafted with Northern California's most flavorful cannabis flower and infused with the most refined THC extract.  


  • The Rolex of rolls, Papi is the highest expression of refinement and style. 

PAPI Infused-Pre-Rolls & Condoms Set for Him

    • 4 100mm King Size Infused-Pre-Rolls 
    • 3 lubricated latex condoms
    • 1 Matchbox
  • Use cannabis responsibly. Don’t drive while high, pay attention to your partner’s experience, and start with small doses if you are new to cannabis. Use condoms with water-based lubricants, such as Gloria.