PAPI is the first Luxury Cannabis and Condom Set for men designed by LDLR. Inspired by my father, Don Juan, Papi is a tribute to true gentleman elegance, wisdom, passion, and commitment. 


Four handsome handcrafted “Don Juan” pre-rolls are paired with three complementary non-medicated latex condoms and a “FUEGO” matchbox to ensure you are always ready for your next amorous adventure.


Using only the freshest, sun-grown cannabis flower from Northern California, each Papi pre-roll is a seasonal gift, handcrafted in-house, and rolled in natural, unbleached, slow-burning paper for a smooth and satisfying smoke.


PAPI Sexy Pre-Rolls and Condoms for Him

    • Pre-Rolls and Condoms Set Includes:
      • 4 Premium Handcrafted Cannabis Pre-Rolls (1g/ea)
      • 3 Latex Condoms 
      • 1 Fuego Matchbox 
    • Net wt. 3.5g 


Let's stay together. 

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